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We Are Experienced & Expertise in Indian Stock Market Meta-5 Trading, Where We Provide Minimum Margin Facility Only 1k Margin With 500x Trading Leverage.

Lowest Charges

We are the leading stock market dabba trading broker in India where you will get lowest brokerage charges on trading.

500x Leverage

You will get the maximum 500x leverage for trading in stock market.

24x7 Support

We are available 24x7 if you stuck any point of time during taking trading or any transaction then contact us.

Minimum Margin

Now you can start stock market trading at only 1000 where we provide 500 time Leverage (limits) which is help to maximize you. profit.

Online Dabba Trading Platform

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Lowest Charges

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बहुत ही अच्छी सर्विस है Vmoney वालो की आपका जो पेमेंट देने वाला कमिटमेन्ट है वो कबीले तारीफ है हमेसा समय के पहले ही किया है |

Prabhat Kumar

Awsome services for dabba trading the best part is leverage and payout timing is too good.

Rohit K

Vmoney is best Meta 5 trading broker in india and services is as well.

Narayan j

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